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Pirate Island
Filename: civ4mod_pirateislands.zip

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Pirate Island - File Description  

A fairly interesting mod. Give it a try wink

This mod includes the following (in a nutshell):

- A Pirate Empire Civilization
- Three Pirate Leaders with custom AI
- A Pirate Leader Trait with custom scripted behavior
- Three new Naval Promotions with custom scripted behavior (Salvage I, II, III)
- Two unique units: Pirate Ship (with randomly generated names) and Pirate Raider
- A short-cut key to transform the map into a tropical jungle paradise on the first turn of the game.

It is intended to be played with a small-ish ocean heavy map with a number of other civs, to create the feel of colonies in tropical islands.

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Pirate Island - Readme  
Readme File:
by Michael Hamilton (mihaemon@gmail.com)

Copy the packaged "Pirate Islands" into your Civlization 4 MODS directory.
Yep. It's that easy.

IMPORTANT NOTE! (Please Read. You've been warned.)
The Pirate Islands Mod should be playable with any map and play style, however,
it was designed with a certain style of game in mind. Hence, for the most
pirate-like gaming experience, its important to set up the game using
certain guidelines. Here is an overview:

3. USE THE APCHIPELAGO MAP (any of the three sub-types work well)
TINY: 4-6 civs
SMALL: 5-10 civs
REGULAR: 9-12 civs
LARGE: 12+ civs
Pirates: One or Both other Pirates Leaders
European: Elizabeth, Frederick, Isabella, Louis XIV, Napolean
Island Natives: Huayan Capan, Mansa Munsa, Montezuma
New World: Washington
5. START IN THE ANCIENT ERA (resist the urge to skip ahead)

When the game starts and you have found a suitably generated
map/starting position, be sure to press SHIFT-P. This will
"pirate" your map, making it a tropical island paradise. This
action is only available on your starting turn, and has varying
effects depending on your map's climate:

TROPICAL: Mostly grasslands and jungles, with a little desert.
TEMPERATE: More desert, but still rich and green.
ARID: Mostly desert, with some jungle and grass. (Limited Food!)
ROCKY: Like temperate but a bit more hilly (+Production, -Food)
COLD: Snowy jungle islands... Sure, why not?

Please note that this takes time. The game will appear to freeze.
Don't touch anything. Just be patient. (Larger maps can take a full
minute or longer. Huge maps... well... grab a soda).

To keep the islands nice and green, jungles are no longer chopped
down when improvements are built. Instead they are build on top
(or inside) the existing jungle. The exception to this rule
is the farm, which clear-cuts normally. In addition, since there
are no forests, lumber mills can be built in jungles instead.


The Pirate Leader Trait and the added Naval Unit Promotions have special
effects that are not listed in their pop-up help text. To read more about
these, as well as the unique units, rules, and the Pirate Islands in
general, be sure to check out the Civpeida on the Pirate Leaders
or Pirate Empire.

I didn't test gameplay under these conditions, but they're bound to be fun
to try out. Some ideas for experiements:

- One-City Challange (Lets face it, your a pirate, not a ruler. Hold onto
your pirate port and burn and pillage the rest of the land!)

- Later Starting Era - Classical, Medieval, or even Renaissance (This will
probably help out the AI as much as anything, since they have trouble
prioritizing units and techs for ocean maps).

- Try Epic speeds. Esp. with later starting area, such as Medieval.

- Always War! (You're a pirate. People don't like you. Live with it!)

- Play a Pirate in a normal Civ style game, without the jungle map and
with regular map sizes and civilization numbers.

- MULTIPLAYER: At your own risk! This is untested and I have no idea if
it will work. The PIRATE-YOUR-MAP feature doesn't use any randomness so it
should behave the same on all machines, but all players would probably have
to do it to keep in sync. Other than that, the only thing I can think of
that might cause problems is the random name generation for pirate ships.
Each player will probably generate their own name for any ship that they
or another civ builds. Depending on whether or not names are global or local,
the last one to kick in will stick, or all the names will be different for
each player. Either way, I would hope the game would remain playable.


This is released free and AS-IS, without any warranty what-so-ever (implied
or otherwise). I, nor anyone else, other than yourself!, is responsible
for anything that might happen as a result of installing (or even
downloading) this software. You may distribute this freely, use parts
of it in your own mods, alter it, whatever. Go wild. The only requirement
to do so is to credit me and any other contributers to your work.


Thanks to Sid Meier and the Civilization 4 team for making the game, and
giving us the XML and Python bindings.

Thanks to CivFanatics.com staff, members, and community for the great forums
and modding resources.

Also thanks to Stephen over at www.seventhsanctum.com for the random pirate
ship name generator. It added a very fun feature to the game!

Have fun!

Pirate Island - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. Civilization 4 Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 1 | Last comment: 09-21-2008 at 05:00

 #1 - HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 09-21-2008 at 05:00
Joined: September 21st, 2008
Posts: 1
i am a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean so i decided to load this mod. well when i went to play it i couldn't find the two pirate leaders. so i decided to play as someone else u described in the readme, when i went to pirate my map pressing shift-P nothing happened. what is going on why can i play it and i wont do what its supposed to do.Aaargh!!!::

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